Home - Voices from Georgia (a Music for Travelers production) now available on amazon.com. 100% of profits go back to education projects in Georgia.

Available now on Amazon.com! The music featured on this compilation showcases a sample of talented student musicians and singers from schools in Georgia. In addition, talented local musicians perform from regions including: Samegrelo, Ajara and Kvemo Kartli. Songs featured include polyphonic singing, traditional Georgian folk melodies and arrangements ("popuri" or "medley") of popular Georgian melodies. https://www.facebook.com/AmericanMusicCornerZugdidi

All profits go back to education projects in Georgia through Traveling Teachers.

Featured artists - Mirza Shvelidze (phanduri, bass phanduri, vocals), Anika Gabiskiria (phanduri), Dato Chkhapelia (vocals), Khvelchauri Boys Choir (vocals), Manana Vekua (vocals), Natia Kukava (phanduri, vocals), Peter Bohan (guitar), Tatia Sakhuria (vocals), Tsalenjikha School 1 Singers (vocals)

MP3 download now available.

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  1. This is a fun CD which provides a great introduction to some very popular Georgian songs that anyone traveling to Georgia might have a good chance of hearing and joining in!