Everything you always wanted to know about living and teaching in Caucasus Georgia (but were afraid to ask).: Version 20.13 now available on amazon.com and Kindle.

Kindle version now available!

Now available on Kindle! Charles Kinney Jr. (Author), Peter Bohan (Contributor), Sean Bridges (Contributor), Raisa Lagman Bugarin (Contributor), April Curtis (Contributor), Judy Elliott (Contributor), J'Nai Emery (Contributor), Dustin Gilbreath (Contributor), Amy Harris (Contributor), Leslie A. Jessen (Contributor), Anna Kinney (Contributor), Michelle Le (Contributor), Vance Etienne Alexandre Monet (Contributor), Jordan Robinson (Contributor), Rebecca Roy (Contributor), Kristine Lynn Von Bargen (Contributor), Neal Zupancic (Contributor)


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