What should I write about and what type of music are you looking for?

Traveling Teacher GuidesThe series breaks down things in chapters like any guide book, but we focus on practicalities and experience. Write about one of the chapter themes or all of them, but then you would have your own book and wouldn't want us:( Usually, essay form works best. Discuss the theme. Give lots of detail. Be funny and clever. Detailed, informative narrative works better than dreary IT WAS THE WORSE EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE pity parties, but if that's what it was for you, then write it. Usually, at the end of each essay, we encourage people to give at least one helpful hint (AVOID THE MEAT FROM THE BAZAAR) or if something is really useful, a super big hint (YOU WILL DIE IF YOU EAT THE MEAT FROM THE BAZAAR). Anything that saves money, makes life more wonderful for cash-strapped/time-crazed teachers and/or saves a life is usually a good hint. Humor goes a long, long way.

That's nice, but I need something a little more concrete!

The chapters are arranged along the following, so it's a broad range of topics to get everyone's viewpoint in. This is a general outline. At the end of the book are lists of contacts and numbers so people can get more information. There also is an up-to-date list of links to get more information. In short, a guide book with some attitude. Links, links, links! Found a great site that saved your life from eating the meat at the bazaar? Pay it forward and attach it to your essay.

Chapters (and some fabulous essay ideas):

CULTURE - Whats life really like in Georgia?
PEOPLE - What are Georgians and their kids like? 
LANGUAGE - Do I need to learn Georgian or Russian? 
COMMUNICATIONS - The Internet, phone and (no) postal services. 
TRANSPORTATION - How do I get around? What is a marshrutka? How do I avoid dying in a tragic accident trying to cross the street? 
CITIES - How do you pronounce Tbilisi and whats there? What else is there? What are “the villages”? 
WEATHER – Rain in Batumi and other conditions in Georgia.
TRAVEL - Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey 
DRINKING - What you need to know about Georgia and how to stay alive; making toasts; surviving a supra and escaping from a wedding.
DATING - How do I avoid getting engaged in my first week in Georgia?
MONEY - How cheap/expensive is it? What do they use and how do I get it?
HEALTH, SAFETY AND SEX - How do I keep myself from going crazy?
STUFF - What do I need? What should I leave behind? Visas?
OTHER - Good, bad and miscellaneous stuff that will be invaluable to you.
EDUCATION - Whats the education system in Georgia? 
THE CLASSROOM - What has worked/what hasnt worked? 
TEACHING RESOURCES - Teach and Learn with Georgia (TLG), English Language through Civics Education (ELCE), American Corners (Akhaltsikhe, Batumi, Gori, Khashuri, Kutaisi, Tbilisi, Telavi and Zugdidi) USAID, British Council
JOBS! - Where do I go from here? Where can I find a job?

Music for Travelers: Folk music and original pieces are usually safe from copyright nightmares.  What type of music do you or your group like to perform?  Imagine taking some really old stale piece and ripping it apart with a death metal beat!  Take songs from your grandmother and electrify them.  Almost anything works, but we usually pick a theme and it helps guide us as well as you.  We want to reflect the culture and beauty of a place, but that doesn't mean we want it to be so old and boring that only folk music purists and people in god's waiting room will listen to it (and said respectfully, they usually don't know how to download anyway).  Rather, we want it to be a reflection of what a country was, what it is today, and where it wants to go.

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